- What is WatchCraft?

WatchCraft Collection is a luxury watch customization company providing unique timepieces, taking “customization” to a new level.

- Can I give you my watch to customize?

As of today, we DO NOT take customer's watch to custom. However we can provide a watch that we can customize to your standards. Please contact us for inquiries.

- Why type of watch are you more confortable working with?

We are able to work on most watches. We are familiar with brand such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, and many more. Please contact us for special orders.

- Are your watches used or new?

All of our watches are new, unless stated otherwise. When not new, the watch will be classified as “vintage”.

- How much does it cost?

Each timepiece is priced individually depending on multiple factors. Please contact us for pricing.

- Do you provide the original box and warranty cards?

No. All watches customized by our team come with our hand made wood box, and our WatchCraft Warranty card.

- How does the warranty works?

When a timepiece is modified, the original warranty is void. However WatchCraft Collection provides an International Warranty of two years. For more details, please visit our “Warranty” section. Our goal is to bring our customers the best possible service, therefore if you have any request regarding your watch that it related to the warranty, please contact us for a bespoke review.

- Can you reverse the customization process?

No. Once a watch is modified, it is not reversible.

- Where can I get my unique timepiece serviced if needed?

We can provide service for your customized watch. Please contact us for pricing and timing.